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22 October 2013

Styling Combat Boots

I have a new pair of Dolce Vita Sargeant combat boots that I love - in theory. I’ve been having a hard time styling them. I’m slim, 5‘4 and I feel like my legs look stumpy when I wear regular skinny jeans with them - so far the most proportionate outfit I’ve put together is a knee length tank dress with a sweater cardigan over it. Other options??”

  • Budget: $150

Faustina Rose | Stylist, New York

I am also 5'4 and slim and I have never been a fan of skinny jeans and combat boots on myself. Sometimes we just have to stop standing in front of the mirror and knocking it and just get out the front door with it on because we are our own worst critic. When you wear your skinny jeans with the combat boots, try adding more volume to the top of you with a chunky sweater and beanie and lots of rings.”


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