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Professor Looks!

I just started a new job as a professor, and I need some new business-casual outfits to wear for work. I’m in the south, so things that work in a hot climate would be great!”

  • Budget: $200

Elishia Peterson | Stylist, Philadelphia

Hi! Congrats on the new job, that's awesome! As a focal point in a classroom you definitely want to look your best, and be comfortable. Think about solid colors that stand out, though nothing too dull and boring. You can always keep things basic with perhaps a navy or black blouse with black, gray or khaki pants. But add a touch of style with a simple necklace or earrings that aren't too busy. Consider the looks shown which can highlight an everyday style while still remaining professional. A ballet flat would suit you best as you may be on your feet a lot. For clothing, don't be afraid to try prints or a length appropriate dress for those warmer days. Who says a professor can't be chic!”


Where to buy


Chiffon Blouse



Pointed Toe Bow Top Flat


NY Collection

Short Sleeve Solid Jersey Faux Wrap



Custom Stretch Pencil Skirt



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