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11 September 2012

Chunky / Oversize Sweaters

Which chunky/oversize sweaters work best for a large chest? I’d love to pair one with jeans for winter but I want to look polished, not swallowed up or double my size.

  • Budget: $100

Inspiration image:

Lauren Finney | Blogger and Fashion Consultant, NY

Hi Anna, Make sure that you are actually purchasing “oversized” sweaters and not just sizing up. A lot of sweaters these days are boxier and cut differently than you might be used to previously. The sweater should always fit you in the shoulder to ensure that it'll properly hang and look like it fits. Try going for fabric blends, as well, or things with belled or asymmetrical hems to help balance out your top half. And to make sure that you keep proportion in check, wear these types of sweaters with leggings or skinnier pants!”


Where to buy


Oversized Detail with Herringbone



Zip Detail Chunky Sweater



Boxy Sweater In Textured Stitch




4 years, 9 months ago

This is great, thanks, Lauren!

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