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16 May 2012

Layering for NYC

How can I layer fashionably for warmth in NYC? I grew up in FL and this is my first ACTUAL winter. I have the essential calf-length heavy coat to go on top of everything, but it’s the layers under the coat where I’m stuck. I feel like I’m in a rut with jeans and a sweater. Help! (5‘10”, fit/slender figure, 20s)”

  • Budget: $100

Lauren Finney | Blogger and Fashion Consultant, NY

Hi! So it sounds like you have the same body type as me - so easy for me to make suggestions, thanks! Basically, you can wear just about anything you have in your closet by layering under. Put silky blouses and collared shirts under everything and just wear two pairs of tights. Nothing is wrong with just sweaters and jeans, either - but try a sweater with a velvet pant or a brocade skirt, instead. Think under instead of over and you should be good! I noticed you have a smaller budget (also like me) - I love the “Girl On A Budget” section at Piperlime to stock up on great pieces under $100. Stay warm!”


Where to buy

Hive and Honey

Mona Piped Pleated Dress


Tinley Road

Beaded Collar Top


Blank Denim

Velveteen Skinny Pants


Jack by BB Dakota

Ombre Striped Skirt



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