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06 November 2012

Proportionate Pants

Pants are always a problem given am very heavy around the thigh area, and narrower at the waist (relatively) even if I can push myself and fit into pants I look disproportionate, I’ve tried voluminous tops but they only make me look bigger. Is there a way I can wear pants and not look like an ant on the top and a submarine on the bottom?”

  • Budget: $150

Lauren Finney | Blogger and Fashion Consultant, NY

Hi! So the unfortunate reality is that most off the rack clothing doesn't fit 90% of people and alterations might have to be done. But, I'd start with a wider leg to offset your thighs. Try it in a ponte pant which will feel stronger and weightier than some linen-type wide legs. And, look for fabrics and silhouettes that can be easily altered. Good luck!”


Where to buy

Victoria's Secret

Ponte Super-Flare Pant


Michael Lauren

Cooper Wide Leg Pant



Wide Leg Pants



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