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11 May 2011

Zara Red Jeans

I bought a new pair of red jeans from Zara but would love to get some inspiration for how to put an outfit around it. Thanks!!”

  • Budget: $200

Inspiration image:

Giovanna Scarfo | Designer, Blogger & Stylist, Melbourne

Hi! Love your new red pants!!! Navy and red are always a perfect match. I have suggested in option 1, a double breasted navy knit. This can be worn over a casual tee or shirt like option 2.To dress down the red pants you can go for a striped top (option 3) or a denim shirt (option 4). I particularly love option 1 & 2 teamed together with your red pants. Have fun shopping!”


Where to buy

All Saints

Yurik Wrap Cardigan


All Saints

Chaplain Shirt


All Saints

Breaks 3/4 Sleeved Henley


All Saints

Death Valley Denim Shirt



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