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Sharp, Trendy Looks for a New Job

I’m starting a new job and will be the only designer in a public sector office. Can you suggest some sharp, trendy, but not too over-the-top pieces so I can look the part? I’m 36, a new mom, and need a sophisticated, but not corporate look.”

  • Budget: $300

Giovanna Scarfo | Designer, Blogger & Stylist, Melbourne

Hi! Congratulations on your new job! I have selected two skirt and blouse options for you. (option 1 and 2 to be worn together and option 3 and 4 to be worn together -tuck in blouse for both options). I find skirt and top combinations help create a unique and chic look, especially for a corporate scene. You can choose pieces with sophisticated silhouettes and combine them with playful prints and contrasting colours. I would suggest layering a fitted blazer over both of these looks. I wish you the best of luck and happy shopping!”


Where to buy


Colourblock Shirt



Paused Movements Skirt


Yes Style

Frilled Peter Pan Collar Chiffon Top



Hula Washed Blue Fully Pleated Skirt



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