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Resort Chic

I need a “resort chic” outfit for an evening party, at an upscale beach club. The party is a private school’s annual fundraiser/party. I am 5‘4in”

  • Budget: $500

Giovanna Scarfo | Designer, Blogger & Stylist, Melbourne

Hi! I have selected two options for you to choose from for your resort/chic look. The first is the incredibly 'chic' Tory Burch 'Evelyn' dress with a navy peep toe heel. Navy and white are always great colours to wear for resort theme. The second look is Kate Spade's Garden Society Sonja Dress. I have chosen the Asos Point Court Shoe in pink. I think they would work beautifully with the dress. Both looks are very different from each other. The first being a very refined and sophisticated while the second is slightly less formal and is a little more playful. I hope have an amazing time and feel beautiful and chic on the night.”


Where to buy

Tory Burch

Evelyn Jacquard Dot Dress



Loire Shoes


Kate Spade

Garden Society Sonja Dress



Santo Suede Point Court Shoes




5 years, 5 months ago

Thank you Giovanna! I am a Tory girl for sure so this is a lovely option I haven’t seen yet! I have it on hold at my local boutique and will hopefully pick it up tomorrow (assuming it fits!).

giovanna (Fashion Insider)

5 years, 5 months ago

Hi! That is so exciting! I’m so glad you like it! I hope the fitting goes well! Thank you so much for your feedback. Have an amazing time. xox

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