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24 February 2012

Ivory Lace Mini Dress

I have this ivory lace mini-dress, and I want to wear it to a birthday bash at a gay bar. I’m going to have to do some walking in the city, and it’s Seattle, so it may rain.”

  • Budget: $50

Inspiration image:

Hannah Bhuiya | Stylist, London

Hi there Ashley! Love your itinerary - nothing more fun that a birthday in a gay bar in a white lace minidress! To make it Seattle weather worthy, add one/any of the following: Clear mac and lace-up heeled boots from Forever 21 + cropped leather gloves and sexy suspender tights from TopShop. All of these additions will ensure that you wont lose the look if it does rain! Hope you have a blast!”


Where to buy

Forever 21

Clear Rain Jacket


Forever 21

Cone Heel Suedette Boots



Metal Trim Leather Glove



Nude Plain Suspender Tights



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